Assistance with Portfolios


Rowdy Idiot Project

Rowdy Idiot Project  
is an Independent Music Label from Lusaka, Zambia.
Seeking to bring Zambia and Africa to the world.

Louisa Lombaard

Louisa  Lombaard is a freelancer that can work across the field of establishing a strong brand for a business.
Design + copy writing + campaigning + event planing 


Carl Binneman

Carl Binneman 
Provides Lecturing & course development
(Online &  on site).
He teaches C# for Unity game development,
JavaScript for webC# 

& JavaScript for Web Programming.
He has about a decades worth of experience with object oriented programming, lecturing & course development.


The Kim Swartz Project

The Kim Swartz Project is a collaboration of

musicians from different backgrounds.
The band is led by Kim Swartz who is lead vocalist & band manager.

The band consists of guitar, keyboard, bass & drums

as well as vocals from almost each member.

Cape Rock Studios

Cape Rock Studios is a company for
the rising talents of the locals, the evolving industry &
the recognition of the underdogs.
Founded by artists for artists.


Blue Park

Blue Park is a  newly formed quartet consisting of
 Travis Cornelius, Roelf Diedericks, Brady Lenders & Narian Naidoo
They play a wide scope of covers & are currently in the process of writing their first set of 7 original songs.
Follow them as they develop & Contact them to find ou more..


Amy Africa

Miss A  provides facilitating, tutoring & au-pairing.
Contact her today to setup a consultation meeting or
to request her full list of qualifications & references.

Let her create a package according to your child's specific needs.


Maxwell Jansen

Maxwell Jansen, founder of
Bootleg Burgers & Chasing The Bean

Caters fresh roasted flavours & amazing taste sensations!

Follow on social media to find where they are parked
or book them for your event today!




Covers like you've never heard them.
An impressive & creative 3-piece band from Cape Town,

With tailorable performances, amazing harmonies, mad skills, & vocal passion to make any event fun & memorable!
Contact them now to enquire


Sound Man Mike

This is Sound Man Mike. He makes sound awesome.
With the support of Rolling Audio, anything is possible!!

Contact him for your  production, dj, lighting, live & studio needs now!


Executive Assisting is owned & operated by Kelly Moore 
She offers a wide range of packages & services
(tailorable or set) to cater to all the needs of Individuals,
Small Start Up Companies or Premium Clients.
Contact her today to enquire!


Stanley Sibande

Stanley Sibande is Singer, Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist based in CapeTown, SouthAfrica.
Since his arrival he has taken The City & Social Media by Storm 

Follow him to stay up to date with all his upcoming gigs and release dates.



Stretch is A Singer-Songwriter-Storyteller,
A Stylistic Swinging Sensation.

Contact Stretch to book her for a Live Show
for your venue or for your next special event.

  • #StoryOfStretch
  • #WorldOfStretch

Hrishi Rathore

Hrishi Rathore uses photography to express himself:
He is a student, currently building up his portfolio & skills
So that one day he can turn his passion into profession.

Contact Aura Upliftment if you would like to virtually mentor him.


Tanjerine Films

Tanjerine Films is based in Cape Town   
Providing HD Quality Film Production Services.

Contact them to film your Wedding, Engagement,
Corporate Event, Private Event or Limited Budget Music Videos.


Edge 2 Edge

Edge 2 Edge offers customised solutions & execution
of all your visual marketing & branding concepts including:

Printing, signage, branded clothing and gifts, exhibition stands and more! 


Richard Hobson

Richard Hobson creates custom designs & layouts.
He can accommodate within a very short period of time,
At affordable prices &  provides several revisions.

Contact him directly for your digital designs
to let the artwork do the talking!


Croix Frick

Croix Frick is a writer & novice photographer, 
His speciality is capturing special moments in time with friends & families. He  particularly enjoys event photography.
Contact Croix directly to hire him for your special day.


Maelys Harduin

Maelys Harduin specialises in mixed media,  
She offers digital art services  for online order.
She is also available to be booked for
on location painting & photography when
Touring in Cape Town.