Photography Portfolio 
Hrishi Rathore

I’m Hrishi Rathore and photography is my way of expressing my thoughts and appreciating the beauty that nature and things around me hold.
I’ve never been so involved in something so much and now that I am, I’m realising how beautiful photography is and only a few gifted people know how significant this is. 


I capture anything and everything that screams beauty to me, or anything that catches my eye. I edit them to highlight the beauty that they hold, not that they need it but because it makes me happy when I help enhance their features. 


I always knew that I loved capturing moments and it brought joy to me. I was never aware of the passion that I held towards this field until now. Quarantine has not only made me realise how beautiful this passion is but has also helped me express my talent or gift. Aura Upliftment, has helped me in ways I can’t describe. It has given me the chance to put my talent out there for people to see and appreciate and I’m more than just grateful for it. 

I started clicking random pictures of plants and skies and something told me to maybe try and edit them. That is when I realised that I was way too into this, more than I thought I was. I then started watching videos and tutorials on how to enhance this gift. Hardly did I start this journey when I found out about online photography contests, Aura Upliftment being one of the hosts. I participated in almost all of them and won second or third places. I knew I needed experience in this field and these contests helped me realise how gifted other people are and that I will have to make sure I click pictures that are unique and make a lot of sense. 

I sent one of my clicks to Aura Upliftment’s contest in which I won first place. So here I am with my very first winning contest prize, this website. 

I hope my content screams beauty and elegance to you, as it does to me .

These are a few pictures that I clicked and edited.
These pictures make my heart happy and I hope they make you happy too, make you appreciate their beauty and not the fact that I clicked them.

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