-Frequently Asked Questions-

Q: When & why was Aura Upliftment created?
A: Aura Upliftment was created in February 2019 by Aura Brooks & Lauren Smith
with the intention of creating a better world by collaborating with
likeminded, hard working people to create opportunities
for all involved.

Q: What does Aura Upliftment do?
A: Aura Upliftment promotes, supports & assists its collaborators through set packages.
A: Aura Upliftment offers marketing services to its collaborators & the public via various platforms.
Aura Upliftment easily connects clients with collaborators to create opportunities.

Q: What set packages do Aura Upliftment offer?
A: Support Collaborator Package

A: Assistance Collaborator Package


Q: What Marketing Services do Aura Upliftment offer to the public?
A: To be announced in April 2021


Q: What is a Collaborator?

A: A collaborator is a successful applicant of a Support Package or an Assistance Package.


Q: What is the difference between a Client & a Collaborator?

A: A collaborator has an ongoing package with Aura Upliftment.
A: A client purchases once-off marketing services from Aura Upliftment
(or once-off nieche services from Aura Upliftment Assistance Collaborators).


Q: What type of Collaborators does Aura Upliftment work with?

A: Assistance Collaborators: (Creatives , Talented Individuals , Entrepreneurs ,  Start-up Companies , Small Businesses & More..)

A: Support Collaborators: (Charities , Causes , Campaigns, Petitions &  Fundraisers)

Q: Which platforms & tools does Aura Upliftment make use of?

A: Platforms: (Wix,  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In )

A: Tools: (Zoho, Trello, Canva, Google Forms & Sheets )

Q:Does Aura Upliftment do events?

A: Aura Upliftment hosts 1 public event  per year (Ticket sale to be announced)

A: Aura Upliftment helps with the planning & execution of 2-5 private events per year (Application only)
 Events pending (due to COVID 19 Legislation)